Daichi Koda
Born in 1983 Japanese

Koda creates photographic works with the theme of vision and existence. 'Living in the conflict' the first exhibited work in Tokyo has captured the conflict in different way from the existing works about landscape in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. And following exhibitions like 'Untouchable in India' NIKON PLAZA TOkYO, 'Oblivion Fukushima' FUKUSHIMARCH TOKYO, 'Small good lie ' RPS Gallery TOKYO , Gallery-T PARIS. Published photobooks are 'BOKYAKU(oblivion)' 'Small good lie' 'Springboard'.

[Solo Exhibition]
2014 gSmall good lieh RPS gallery in Tokyo
2012 "Bokyaku" in Koryiyama, Fukushima
2012 "Bokyaku" in Tokyo
2010 "Dalit -Untouchable INDIA" in Tokyo
2009 "Dalit -Untouchable INDIA" in Osaka
2009 "Dalit -Untouchable INDIA" in Tokyo
2007 "Living in the conflict Israel/Palestine> in Hamamatsu
2006 "Living in the conflict Israel/Palestine> in Tokyo

[Group Exhibition]
2014 Sept Jamais aussi proche Gallery-T Paris
2014,April Group Exhibition IPC gallery ,TOKYO
2013 Group Exhibition PCO International Photo Exhibition, Guizhou, China
2012 Projection gLand to live onh Bursa photo festival, Bursa, Turkey
2012 Lumix festival for young photojournalism in Hannover, Germany
2011 Group projection "Scene unseen after 3.11 earthquake" in New York and San fransisco, USA (screen projection)
2010 Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts group exhibition Kiyosato photo art museum
2009 Group exibition of awarded photographer of Ueno Hikoma Prize Tokyo etcc

2014 Springboard limited printed edition RPS gallery
2014 Small good lie self published photo book
2014 April gPossibilities of Photographyh
2013 Book project participation gRevelationsh by Sophie Cavaliero, Lezard Noir
2013 Book project participation gA day in the worldh by A DAY.org
2012 First photo book gBOKYAKUh(Mado publishing)
2011 gThe eyes of 17 photographersh about after 3.11 earthquake (ASAHI publishing)@
@@ 2010 ASIA CAMERA (photo and text) (Dai-san shokan publishing)

2014 Unseen photo festival Unseen dummy award Shortlisted exhibited 2013 Photolucida Critical Mass 2013 Finalist
2012 IPA International Photography Award: Honorable Mention
2011 IPA International Photography Award: Honorable Mention
2011 Tokyo documentary photography workshop: Great potential Award
2009 Japan Youth Documentary Photo Contest Outstanding performance Award.
2009 The Japan Photo Arts Academy encouraging prize in Ueno Hikoma Award.
2009 IPA International Photography Award Category: Pro photo essay Honorable Mention

Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Japan)